Symmetry - Junky

  • Artist: Symmetry
  • Track: Junky
  • Producer: Symmetry
  • Album: Junky (Deluxe Edition)

Remember those “What's your anti-drug?” PSAs from back in the day? Yeah, they were corny as f**k. Still, I can't think of a better way to summarize the first feature and debut single from Symmetry than by saying that music is his anti-drug. On Junky, the Rhode Island rapper and producer looks back on a childhood and adolescence spent in close proximity to drug use and addiction. Though he never partook in the hard stuff, he expresses regret for never speaking up about his friends' habits. The record has a happier ending than you'd expect from the first two verses (and Symmetry's ominous string beat): ultimately, the artist realizes that music offers a stronger buzz than anything you can purchase on a street corner. Fans will be able to find Junky and much more on the artist's indie full-length of the same name, due out in December.