Tafari ft. Junior Reid - Ain't No Stoppin

  • Artist: Tafari
  • Track: Ain't No Stoppin' ft. Junior Reid
  • Producer: The Hit Depot
  • Album: TBA

With a name that translates to "fearless one," it would be expected that Jamaica's newest rap-reggae artist, Tafari, would create a truly unique debut album. Luckily these expectations are more than met on his debut single, Ain't No Stoppin', which shows listeners just how strong willed he is ("If life's the Olympics, I'm going for the gold"). Adding fuel to the fire on a deceptively soft hook is reggae legend Junior Reid, but The Hit Depot's synth-keyboard beat (a la The Runners) is what really keeps the flames rising. The hip-hop/reggae scene needs to sound the alarm, because Tafari is on fire and shows no signs of cooling off.