Taio Cruz ft. Estelle - I Can Be (Remix)

  • Artist: Taio Cruz
  • Track: I Can Be (Remix) ft. Estelle
  • Feat. Estelle
  • Album: Departure

For many cities across the U.S., weather in the months of April and May are completely unpredictable; sunny and 75 degrees one day, overcast and rainy with a low of 50 degrees the next. Believe it or not, subconsciously, large fluctuations in weather conditions can cause a melancholy attitude, and in some circumstances, the onset of depression. If this sounds like what you've experienced over the past month, we here at DJ Booth have just the fixer-upper. London native Taio Cruz released his debut album, Departure, in March, and the album's new single, a remixed version of I Can Be (featuring Estelle), provides motivation, energy, and a reminder to maintain that "go getta" attitude. Take a listen and let the good times soak in; you'll be feeling better in no time.