Taio Cruz - I Can't Say Go

  • Artist: Taio Cruz
  • Track: I Can't Say Go
  • Producer: Taio Cruz
  • Album: Departure

He loves a woman. For that simple reason, U.K. triple-threat (singer/songwriter/producer) Taio Cruz declares, “I Can’t Say Go.” While I applaud Taio (pronounced Ty-O) for being a man and clearly admitting he is vulnerable without his female companion, the connotation makes him a bit of a hypocrite. On his breakout single, Moving On, Cruz lamented over a past relationship and although it had the chance to be healed, he chose to move on. Mixed messages aside, the song is very well written and should provide listeners –men and women alike– with a realistic everyday song about love. The international debut from Taio Cruz, Departure, will be in stores in early 2008.