Taylor J ft. Dose - Hoodie Season

  • Artist: Taylor J
  • Track: Hoodie Season
  • Producer: Honorable C-Note
  • Album: Central Ave. EP

Round my way—that is, in Brooklyn—you can still get away with stepping outside in a T-Shirt. In St. Paul, Minnesota, the city Taylor J calls home, layers have already become mandatory. To quote the hook of his latest single, “It's Hoodie Season.” Despite the chill in the air, though, the block is boiling hot. Over an understated, trap-tinged beat by Honorable C-Note, the artist vividly portrays the street life in bars riddled with betrayals, bullet holes and prison bids. Def Jam's Dose turns in a similarly hard-nosed performance on the guest tip. Hoodie Season is single numero uno off Taylor's Central Ave. EP, which is currently unscheduled.