Terrace Martin ft. Preston Harris - All Year

  • Artist: Terrace Martin
  • Track: All Year
  • Producer: Terrace Martin
  • Album: Times

Some records sound dope the first time you hear them, but lose their luster after a few months, weeks or even days. It's too early to tell where Terrace Martin's latest single falls on that spectrum, but if its timeless sound is any indication, you'll be able to spin it All Year without getting sick of it. Booth newcomer Preston Harris handles vocal duties, leaving the headliner free to devote his full energy to the beat. Over the West Coast veteran's irresistibly jazzy, understated production, the indie crooner lets his boo know that her presence is the only gift he needs this holiday season. (Sorry, not sorry for the terrible pun.) Feeling it? Then you'll want to mark your calendar for the November 18, release of Martin's Times LP via EMPIRE Records.