Tha Joker ft. K Camp, RiFF RAFF & Raven Felix - FHITO


“YOLO” too responsible for you? Try Tha Joker's newly-coined motto, "FHITO," on for size. For those too lazy to hit play and wait for the hook, that stands for, “F**k How It Turn Out” On this turnt-up promo single, Doughboy Beatz' raucous trap production sets the mood as the Mississippi repper spits about his utterly hedonistic, drug, sex and liquor-soaked lifestyle. RiFF RAFF and Raven Felix echo the headliner's “Live for today, to hell with the consequences,” philosophy in bombastic guest verses, and K Camp ties the cut together with a shout-along hook. This joint isn't part of anything larger, but fans can find more party-ready bangers on Joker's latest mixtape, Frio.