The Arkitekt ft. Madison McFerrin - The Chase

  • Artist: The Arkitekt
  • Track: The Chase
  • Producer: The Arkitekt
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Most students would agree that homework is the worst thing in the world. Spending all night downing Red Bulls and coffee to stay awake to finish a paper or cram for an exam is not anyone’s idea of a great night. What appears to be drudgery for most, however, need not apply to Madison Mcferrin and Jarred "The Arkitekt" Barnes. The two Berklee College of Music students have teamed up to create The Chase, an assignment-turned-single from one of their classes at the prestigious music school. The record features the sultry, smooth vocals of Mcferrin, who is the lead singer of Cosmodrome, over an intricate jazzy/electronic backdrop by Barnes, who also spits a few bars on the track. While this single isn’t attached to any larger release, the Booth can only hope that the dynamic duo have another homework assignment to complete very soon.