The DEY - I Need You (Remix)

  • Artist: The DEY
  • Track: I Need You (Remix)
  • Producer: YEYO and BUYER [for The Art of Sound Group]
  • Album: The Remixes

Since The DEY have been absent from the Booth for quite a while, a recap is probably in order—back in June of '08, when we featured potential single And I Miss You, the threesome's debut LP was scheduled to drop before the summer's end. Unfortunately, summer's long gone, and fans stateside are still waiting—¡que lástima! The news isn't all bad, though; Divine, Elan, and Yeyo are currently hard at work on a remix project, and we are now proud to bring readers the online premiere of a new, revamped version of The DEY Has Come lead single I Need You. In a reversal of the usual remix formula, the original cut's verses and hook are left untouched, while The Jam's radio-ready production is traded for a quirky, synth-driven beat by YEYO and BUYER. Whether you consider the production overhaul an improvement or not (I'm leaning toward 'yes'), you have to admire the creativity that went into this new, refreshingly different take on the original cut.