The Internet ft. Left Brain - Cocaine

  • Artist: The Internet
  • Track: Cocaine
  • Producer: Matt Martian
  • Album: Purple Naked Ladies

Though most currently associate the words “Odd Future” with the shock-rap stylings of frontman Tyler the Creator, the Los Angeles collective's might be best remembered for pushing the R&B game forward. Like Frank Ocean before them, Syd the Kid and Matt Martian (together known by the Google-unfriendly moniker “The Internet”) come with an audacious aesthetic and a sound like little else out there. Don't believe me? Just take a listen to their latest effort. One of three new singles released last week (another, They Say, has already been featured in the Booth), Cocaine is as narcotically hazy (though not quite as energetic) as its title would suggest. Over Martian's hypnotically bouncing synth backdrop, Syd invites a special someone to do a line or two with her. Complete with a short-but-sweet guest verse by fellow OFWGKTA affiliate Left Brain, this left-of-center banger will undoubtedly leave fans of unconventional R&B sounds amped for The Internet's yet-unscheduled debut album, Purple Naked Ladies. In the meantime, fans can peep the official video (which suggests the titular drug was a stand-in for forbidden pleasures of a different variety) by clicking here.