The Kickdrums - Just A Game

  • Artist: The Kickdrums
  • Track: Just A Game
  • Producer: The Kickdrums
  • Album: Just A Game EP

Whether or not you're familiar with the Cleveland production duo's output to date, The Kickdrums' first Booth feature is sure to come as a surprise. Why? Well, it isn't hip-hop, club-pop, or R&B by any stretch of the imagination, nor does it feature any familiar faces—in fact, the newly-released title track off their debut EP is more of a downtempo rock song. After the initial shock wears off, though, you'll notice that the instrumental backdrop is absolutely gorgeous; in addition to piano, guitar, and percussion, the twosome blend synthesizers, strings and brass into an arrangement that's intricate without being overwrought. Just A Game's falsetto-laced vocals and sweepingly ambiguous lyrics are sure to elicit comparisons to British arena-rockers Coldplay, the superficial similarities shouldn't distract listeners from the unique sound the Kickdrums bring to the table. For more pleasant surprises, pick up a copy of the Just A Game EP when it hits stores March 6th.