The Knux - Cappuccino

  • Artist: The Knux
  • Track: Cappuccino
  • Producer: The Knux
  • Album: Remind Me In 3 Days

For years the rap community has stood by their drinks of choice. Snoop prefers jin and juice, Diddy and Busta pass around the Courvoisier (although I am sure Ciroc vodka would like to forget about that) and Beanie Sigel only messes with Patron. Indeed all fine choices, but what about some representation for all the sober, coffee-drinking rappers? Shouldn’t they get represented in hip-hop too? Well, newcomers The Knux believe they should and have done something about it on their Interscope debut single, Cappuccino. The duo, made up of Rah Almillio and Krispy Kream, hail from Hollywood (by virtue of New Orleans) and will release their debut album Remind Me In 3 Days later this year.