The Narcicyst - Blame The Label

  • Artist: The Narcicyst
  • Track: Blame the Label
  • Producer: Sandhill
  • Album: Leap of Faith

Some rappers are driven by pure and simple love of the music, others by an insatiable appetite for paper. Booth newcomer The Narcicyst? Judging by inaugural EP song release Blame the Label, the Montreal/Dubai dual repper is motivated primarily by his crushing ennui with the wackness pervading today's game—along with his burning desire to bang beautiful Al Jazeera anchors. Backed by MTL beatsmith Sandhill's cinematic string and harpsichord loops, the artist chronicles his dissatisfaction with contemporary hip-hop (“I got tired of the gat-clappin' and the backpackin'...), before segueing into a (tenuously related) erotic fantasy starring Ghida Fakhry. Interest piqued? Then take a Leap of Faith and cop the rhymesayer's latest project, released today.