Theophilus London - Do Girls


If you copped the Lovers Holiday II EP when it dropped back in February, you've already heard a little bit of Theophilus London's latest single. If not, you can still stream and download the set for free in the Booth—but why not put that off till you've taken a listen to the full version of Do Girls? It'll wait for you. On this slinky, party-ready jam, the electro-pop mainstay describes how he convinced a professed lesbian that her sexual orientation wasn't quite as ironclad as she'd thought. London handles the production in collaboratoin with drummer and keyboardist Cid Rim. Andrew Watt assists on guitar, and album Executive Producer Yeezy even lends a hand with the arrangement. Sophomore full-length VIBES is slated for release October 28. In the meantime, of course, we'll keep you supplied with the latest singles.