Three 6 Mafia - Like Money

  • Artist: Three 6 Mafia
  • Track: Like Money
  • Producer: DJ Paul And Juicy J (for Hypnotize Minds Productions)
  • Album: Last 2 Walk (Dec '07)

With their new album Last 2 Walk (now set for release on December 4th), Three 6 Mafia has stated they intend to "bring crunk back.” The attainment of that goal is clearly in sight with their newest leaked single, Like Money. DJ Paul and Juicy J rap that even though they're living the good life now, the hood will always be a part of them; that's where they started making their money. Their self-produced beat helps to create an energetic crunk-style atmosphere with their mix of synthesizers and piano. It seems December 4th can't come soon enough for some, but Like Money should be enough of a hit to hold us all over until then.