Tiffany Affair - Over It

  • Artist: Tiffany Affair
  • Track: Over It
  • Producer: TWIN (Niclas Molinder & Kim Persson)
  • Album: Flavors

It took a few years but the girl group trend has come full circle and it’s as popular as ever; and new act Tiffany Affair is prepared to stake their claim in this genre while the getting is hot! However, and unfortunately, their first single Over It has everything but an original sound. While the beat instantly transports you to the Middle East, where Scott Storch is known to jack Indian flutes, you can’t help but expect Diddy to pop on the track with his patented “Uh-huh, yeah! It’s Bad Boy, baby!” Sounding like Danity Kane or PCD comes with the territory of having an all-girl group, but hopefully these ladies will break the mold and become their own entity.