Tiffany Evans - Baby Don't Go

  • Artist: Tiffany Evans
  • Track: Baby Don't Go
  • Producer: Ryan "Top Secret" Anderson
  • Album: Untitled EP

Singer Tiffany Evans is well known for her breakout hit Promise Ring, but that was in 2008. Now, the young songstress has grown into a mature woman, and it shows in her brand new effort, Baby Don't Go. The struggles of being in an adult relationship on the course for disaster is sung full of emotion, really helping listeners to remove her image as the child that once sung alongside Ciara. Baby Don't Go is the first release since last year's unnoticed digital EP, 143, and the first taste of her full-length sophomore album coming in 2015. It feels good to see the growth of an artist of seven years; we have high hopes for what is to come.