Tiffany Evans ft. Bow Wow - I'm Grown

  • Artist: Tiffany Evans
  • Track: I'm Grown ft. Bow Wow
  • Feat. Bow Wow
  • Producer: Rodney Jerkins
  • Album: Tiffany Evans

Singer Tiffany Evans is not yet old enough to vote, gamble, drink or even drive a car without a permit and an adult in the front seat. However on her follow-up single to Promise Ring (featuring Ciara), Evans is officially proclaiming “I’m Grown.” Using former teen rapper Bow Wow (who is now 20 years old), and expert producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, the Columbia Records signee shows no difficulties elevating her sound to a more mature level. While her age will certainly limit the topical range of her self-titled debut album, her vocal strength and command will certainly help to make up for it. Tiffany Evans is set to drop on March 4th.