Trai'd - Gutta Chick

  • Artist: Trai'd
  • Track: Gutta Chick
  • Producer: Dough Boy, T-Magic and Joe Blow Da CEO
  • Album: Trai'dmark

HitZ Committee/Jive’s newest signee, Dallas rapper Trai'd is looking to continue his label’s trend of making certified hits (Pop, Lock, & Drop It, Selfish). Charging right out of the gate for his first single, Trai'd locks in on the big audience, boasting about his Gutta Chick. Whereas some would say he's tricking, his lady is loyal to the end and ready to take out her anger on anyone who dares cross him. While it's an almost-sure bet that Gutta Chick will be a nationwide hit and take up slots on numerous playlists, the real question is: will Trai'd be able to maintain his buzz, or will he just be another one-hit wonder? Find out later this year when his debut, Trai'dmark, is released.