Tre Capital ft. Sean Leon - Prestige


If you say it with the right accent, Tre Capital's stage name means “very important” in French. Whether or not the pun was intended, it's appropriate given the theme of his latest single, which finds the Los Angeles representative (son of West Coast mainstay Xzibit) exulting in the Prestige he enjoys in his home streets. Backed by WondaGirl's menacing, bass-heavy boardwork, Capital lets all listening know that he's finna conquer the game—and warns those who would stand in his way to beware. Booth regular and T-Dot representative Sean Leon provides a similarly gritty guest 16. Feeling it? You'll be able to find Prestige and much more on the headliner's Gundam Pt. 1 mixtape, scheduled to drop digitally this Thursday, September 25.