Trey Songz - Last Time

  • Artist: Trey Songz
  • Track: Last Time
  • Producer: Bryan-Michael Cox & Kendrick "Wyldcard" Dean
  • Album: Trey Day

In early August, Trey Songzcouldn’t help but wait for a woman he knew was unhappy with her man. Five months, one album, and a bunch of hype later, Trey gets caught up in the limelight and ends up with a chick "on the side." Not wanting to live a double life, the Virginia-native lets her know that tonight will be their Last Time. Following the current trend of “relationship issues are pulling my material in two separate ways” (Loso's Make Me Better/Baby Don't Go, K. Smith's Better Man/Human Nature), expect Last Time to chart around the same place that Can't Help But Wait was found. Last Time is the third single from Songz' sophomore album, Trey Day, now available in stores and online.