Trillville - Money Line

  • Artist: Trillville
  • Track: Money Line
  • Producer: Don P.
  • Album: Straight Up, No Chaser

Since their self-titled debut album (packaged together with Lil' Scrappy) was released in '04, Atlanta crunk group Trillville has gone through more than their fair share of industry drama. After sitting through several delays with the now-permanently shelved Trillville: Reloaded, cutting ties with BME Recordings, and losing member Dirty Mouth to former distributor Warner Bros., lone soldiers Don P and Lil' LA are ready to take their new Universal distribution deal and get the ball rolling. With a futuristic tone, courtesy of Don P, Trilllville's focus clearly shifts from the mosh-pits to the techno clubs, where they hope to start a Money Line back to the top. The trio turned duo is set to drop their new album, Straight Up, No Chaser , later this year.