Trinidad James ft. Big K.R.I.T. - Black Man Pt. 1


A first impression isn't always an accurate judge of character. People change, evolve, and can completely diminish your previous observation. Trinidad Jame$' new single, Black Man Pt. 1 will diminish your first impression of the All Gold Everything hitmaker. Trinidad is full of black pride, his fist is in the air, and he's preaching one hell of a sermon. The rapper sings the hook, asking for complete unity, that all races need to stand together. He sounds right at home over IamRaak's outstanding, multi-layered production. Big K.R.I.T. closes the song, his thoughts come through powerful and passionate, fitting and very relevant. Jame$ is sounding like a completely different artist, his message feels heartfelt, this is the kind of music that leaves you craving more. Def Jam may have made a big mistake.



An Inspiring, Real Life Conversation With Trinidad James

The internet has him pegged as a one-hit wonder but Trinidad Jame$ is so much more.