Trippz Michaud - The Real You

  • Artist: The Weird One
  • Track: The Real You
  • Producer: Cub$ x Apollo
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Midway through October, in a video single that won widespread acclaim among our readers, Trippz Michaud announced that he'd Lost [His] Mind. I guess those three weeks in a mental institution paid off, because on the freshly-minted follow-up he sounds like the kind of gentle, sensitive dude you'd love to bring home to mom. Over Apollo and Cub$' hazy, understated synth production, the Rush Hour signee promises a special girl to tell her anything she wants to know about him, and asks her to do the same: “I just wanna know The Real You.” Alexander J.Fowler links up with the artist to direct the cut's smoky visual accompaniment. This record is just a loosie, but we in the Booth will keep you posted as we learn more about Michaud's plans.