Trippz Michaud - Why Are You Waiting

  • Artist: The Weird One
  • Track: Why Are You Waiting
  • Producer: The Young Boyz
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Are you sitting in front of your laptop with your mouse pointer hovering over the “play” button? Well, Why Are You Waiting? Unless you get off on depriving yourself of quality music (you sick puppy), I can't think of a single reason you'd want to put off listening to the latest single from Connecticut buzzmaker Trippz Michaud. On this catchy, upbeat jam, The Youngboyz' driving rhythm section and grainy synths get heads a'nodding as Michaud paints an ambivalent lyrical portrait of “a regular girl in a regular world.” Director Luca Repola's stylish visuals round out the package. This joint isn't (yet) attached to a larger project but, as always, fans can keep it locked to the Booth for fresh tunes from this talented indie rhymesayer.