Troy Ave - Fake Butt Busta

  • Artist: Troy Ave
  • Track: Fake Butt Busta
  • Producer: Rubi Rosa
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Last year, an individual going by the alias “Fake Watch Busta” got digital press for his ability to spot the miniscule details that revealed rappers' timepieces as fugazy. New York rapper Troy Ave has a similarly strong spider-sense when it comes to the female posterior, so on new single Fake Butt Busta he makes it his mission to sniff out and expose ersatz booty. (OK, maybe “sniff out” wasn't the best phrase to use there). Rubi Rosa mans the boards on this promo cut, serving up a laid-back, horn-laced beat as Troy shakes his head at ladies who choose to surgically enhance their backsides. This record isn't slated to appear on any larger project, but fans can, of course, watch our front page for more fresh material from the East Coast phenom.