Ty & Kory - Dead Wrong 2.0

  • Artist: Ty & Kory
  • Track: Dead Wrong 2.0
  • Producer: Chase N. Cashe [of Surf Club / Zone 4 Inc.]
  • Album: TBD

Are a few minutes in heaven worth the inevitably expensive, oftentimes traumatic prospect of an unwanted pregnancy? Of course not, but in the heat of the moment people tend to get really stupid. Take it from R&B duo Ty & Kory, whose first Booth feature finds them exploring the likely consequences of gettin' it in sans latex—though it feels “freakin' right” at the time, in hindsight it was pretty obviously Dead Wrong. It's a message that can't be stressed enough, but is the song catchy enough to drive the point home? Thanks to the NYC/LA-based twosome's contrasting vocal tones and Chase N. Cashe head-bobbing instrumental (complete with an infectious chipmunk-soul sample), this record just might get the repeat spins necessary for its moral to sink in—in any case, it's a noble effort, and will doubtless meet a warm reception from the Booth's resident R&B-lovers. Dead Wrong 2.0 is set for inclusion on a forthcoming project, the details of which are TBD. In the meantime, fans can find more Raw & Bangin' jams on Ty & Kory's latest mixtape, available now at their label's official website.