Uness - Taste Your Heartbeat

Publish date:
  • Artist: UNeSS
  • Track: Taste Your Heartbeat
  • Producer: Uness
  • Album: Untitled Debut Album

Under the wing of highly-regarded producer Ryan Leslie, Uness is about to embark on possibly the biggest calendar year of his life. The Canadian-born singer, who recently inked a distribution deal with Universal Music Group through Leslie’s NextSelection, has rare triple-threat talent (songwriting, production and performance) that very few in the industry can match. On his new buzz single, Uness reminisces about a past relationship he still isn't over. In fact, he's so hung up on his former lady that he tells her, “I can taste your heartbeat.” (Please hold off on the Hannibal comments). While Uness is sure to field comparisons to both Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke, the young artist will undoubtedly carve out his very own niche as the “Next Selection.”