Until the Ribbon Breaks - Addicted to Love


It's been a hot minute since rising singer-songwriter and beatsmith Until the Ribbon Breaks blessed our front page with some fresh music. His last feature, Homeboy Sandman collab Perspective, came in September of 2013. A year, give or take a week, later, the Republic Records signee finally returns with a brand new cover, or as he calls it, a “re-imagination,” of Robert Palmer's signature song, Addicted to Love. While the lyrics and melody (more or less) of the original are retained, UtRB switches up the tune's cadence considerably. Together with his production, driven by languid electronic drums and whisper-soft synths, the artist's overhauled vocal delivery transforms the '80s classic into a brand new cut—and a surprisingly beautiful one, to boot. This rendition of Addicted to Love isn't attached to a larger project, but we'll keep you posted as we learn more about the Until the Ribbon Breaks's plans.