Until the Ribbon Breaks ft. Run The Jewels - Revolution Indifference


When it comes to guest features on Run The Jewels projects, a good rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected; Killer Mike and Travis Barker or Zack Del La Rocha than to enlist the week's most buzzed-about rapper. Same goes, as it turns out, for their appearances on other artists' work. I never would have expected to hear them on the same record as UK trio Until The Ribbon Breaks, but the result, new single Revolution Indifference, is undeniably dope. To accompany the eclectic jam, crew member Peter Lawrie Winfield and co-director Storme Whitby Grubb team up to craft a surreal official video co-starring some very creepy mannequins. For Revolution and much more, cop UTRB's Lesson Unlearnt LP when it hits record stores and online retailers Tuesday, November 20.