Uzi - Crank Up The Volume

  • Artist: Uzi
  • Track: Crank Up The Volume
  • Producer: Markilla Beats
  • Album: Riot Control

UPDATE: We've added the PrePlex Productions-directed for Crank the Volume.

We dare you to find an artist that embodies, "turn down for what!?" more than Florida's own Uzi. (Besides you, Lil Jon.) No matter the record, the man is always overflowing with energy and a burning passion to rage the night away. To promote his fiery new single, Crank Up The Volume, Uzi and his crew release a lyric video that is reminiscent of an ordinary reaction when a hit song comes on the radio. The mini-van becomes a mini-party when the aux cord is in the right hands. Since Uzi has continued to release turn-up tunes for weekend wildness, we're certain his Riot Control album will keep the party going from dusk to dawn. Stay tuned for the release date, which will hopefully be later this year.