Uzi - I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up

  • Artist: Uzi
  • Track: I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up
  • Producer: I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up
  • Album: Riot Control

Alcohol induced escapism is America's true favorite pastime. For every blue-collar tyrant, for every half-crazed girlfriend, there is a bottle to relieve the stress. Not to dismiss baseball, but there would be no league without intoxicated fans. Florida's Finest Uzi embodies the spirit of drunk excellence on his new single I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up. Rapping with the frenzy of a gut warmed by gin, Uzi thrashes Legal Money Beatz blistering, pounding production. If Playboy Tre's red cup mentality met Lil Jon's crunk energy this is what I imagine the result would be. If your weekends consist of getting whisky wasted, Uzi has your anthem. Keep an ear/eye out for more from Uzi's forthcoming album, Riot Control.