Verse - Buy You A Round (Up & Down)

  • Artist: Verse Simmonds
  • Track: Buy You A Round (Up & Down)
  • Producer: Meco the Great
  • Album: Stories of a Bachelor

Last we heard from US Virgin Islands producer/singer/rapper Verse, he was courting various major-label offers. Though Jive was the front-runner early on, Verse ultimately decided to ink a deal with Interscope for the release of his debut album, Stories of a Bachelor. When you're releasing a project on a major, label pressure generally results in a number of records being left on the cutting room floor; if you take a good listen to Buy You A Round (Up & Down), however, noting Verse's smooth vocals, the song's female appeal, and Meco The Great's synth-heavy beat, you'll likely end up scratching your head, wondering, "How did THAT get cut?!" The answer is simple: the records that made it onto Stories of a Bachelor's tracklist are just that much hotter. Stay tuned to for more on Verse in the months ahead.