Vistoso Bosses - Delirious

  • Artist: Vistoso Bosses
  • Track: Delirious
  • Producer: Mr. ColliPark
  • Album: Confetti

ColliPark Music newest signees, Taylor Parker and Kelci Ferguson, together form the Vistoso Bosses (named after the Spanish word for “bright” or “colorful”). Hoping to add some positive vibes to the often-negative music scene with their upcoming debut album, Confetti, the duo has already hit the ground running with a debut single that finds them Delirious over their respective men. While the vocals certainly have some pop appeal, Mr. ColliPark and St. James' production, complete with flute (how often do you hear THAT instrument in pop music?), will be what makes Delirious a hit in '09 and well beyond. Now that's vistoso!