Von Pea - Chasing Amy, aka In Your Heart

  • Artist: Von Pea
  • Track: Chasing Amy, aka In Your Heart
  • Producer: The Other Guys
  • Album: To:You

What do Brooklyn rhymesayer Von Pea and director Kevin Smith have in common? If you'd asked me yesterday, I would've told you there was no connection. Today, however, the Tanya Morgan member steps into the Booth with Chasing Amy, aka In My Heart, a joint named (halfway, anyway) after the cineaste's most acclaimed film. On this cut, the follow-up to last month's So East Coast, project collaborators The Other Guys serve up a sunny, soul-sampled backdrop for bars chronicling the artist's budding romance with a Tumblr-addicted shawty. Feeling it? You can download this record for free by pre-ordering Pea's To:You LP in advance of its November 25, release via HiPNOTT Records.