Wale ft. Duffy - (The Other) Warwick Avenue

  • Artist: Wale
  • Track: (The Other) Warwick Avenue ft. Duffy
  • Feat. Duffy
  • Producer: Mikey Mike
  • Album: Back to the Feature Mixtape

This past spring, Welsh R&B/soul singer Duffy released her debut album, Rockferry, best known for international hit single Mercy. While the follow-up single, Warwick Avenue, was not as successful, it did pick up steam in certain places. Among them was our nation's capital, where Wale became inspired to create a remix. Sticking with the cut's lost love theme, the DC emcee provides the male side of the story, while expressing an important truth about relationships – as much as females complain about the males who do them wrong, they're equally likely to be the guilty party. Featuring new production by Mikey Mike, this remix should be a crossover hit among fans of the original; it will be featured on Wale's Back to the Feature mixtape, which is set to drop this November.