Wax - Need

  • Artist: Wax
  • Track: Need
  • Producer: EOM
  • Album: Eviction Notice

Still nursing bruises from the feeding frenzy/clusterf*ck that was Black Friday? Wax feels your pain. Since bursting onto the scene with breakout project Scrublife (available for streaming and download in the Booth) and signing with Def Jam soon after, the emcee's had some extra change jingling in his pocket—and, like so many other artists who suddenly find themselves with money to burn, he's having trouble distinguishing the stuff he needs from the shiny gadgets that'll only leave him with an acute case of buyer's remorse. On the latest single off Wax's forthcoming digital album, the Los Angeles representer offers a satirical take on the consumerist excess that reaches its apotheosis on the day after Thanksgiving. After listing off a few of the items he's lusting after this holiday season, he admits that he'll open his wallet for just about anything marketed aggressively enough: “If you produce it I'll consume it, if you shove it down my friggin' throat / Everybody else has it, I don't wanna miss the boat.” Hey, at least it's an improvement over the red wine and medical weed... I think? In any case, those digging Wax's latest banger should be sure to check back with the Booth tomorrow (Monday, 11/28), when Eviction Notice hits our mixtape page for free streaming and download.