Webbie ft. Birdman & Rick Ross - A Miracle

  • Artist: Webbie
  • Track: A Miracle ft. Birdman & Rick Ross
  • Feat. Rick Ross, Birdman
  • Producer: Mouse
  • Album: Savage Life 2

Anyone who watches hip-hop music videos (that is, if you can find them on TV) knows that rappers like to flaunt their wealth and success. In an effort to parade their bank account (or the bank account of their record label), most artists come across as completely unappreciative of the career they’ve been handed on a silver platter. However, in an industry full of egotistical maniacs (hey, Kanye), there are plenty of artists who are truly grateful for the wonderful profession they’ve been given to practice. Displaying his appreciation on A Miracle, rapper Webbie describes the unimaginable position he finds himself in today, alongside in-house producer Mouse, and features Birdman and Rick Ross. Webbie’s sophomore album, Savage Life 2, is out today.