Weekend Money ft. Fat Tony - Trapper Keeper

  • Artist: Weekend Money
  • Track: Trapper Keeper
  • Feat. Fat Tony
  • Producer: Baghdaddy, Hot Sugar
  • Album: Freddy Merkury

The life of a drug dealer tends to get glorified in hip-hop, albums like Jeezy's Thug Motivation 101, T.I's Trap Muzik, and The Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury are full of enough women and fast money to fuel a Pope's dopeboy ambitions. Brooklyn duo Weekend Money, along with Houston's Fat Tony, shed light on the hidden, less glamorous side on Trapper Keeper. The Victorious DeCosta-directed video for the single is a great depiction of how harsh, and unpredictable that lifestyle can be. Celebrations can become funerals, brothers can become cellmates, the trap is nothing but a trap. This is the first of many releases Weekend Money will be gifting us this fall, but in the meantime go grab Freddy Merkury for free at Audiomack.