WELL$ - TwoBrothers

  • Artist: WELL$
  • Track: TwoBrothers
  • Producer: Tutankhamun Brothers, Alec Lomami, Sipho the Gift
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

After hearing WELL$ spit a dope guest 16 on Weekend Money's Break Spinal (Remix), I bet you're fiending for some fresh material from the 20-year-old Carolina repper. No need to answer; I know I'm right. Well, your wish is our command. Less than an hour after the aforementioned jam's arrival on our front page, we proudly present his latest loosie, TwoBrothers. Here, a quietly intense, sampled beat by Tutankhamun Brothers, Alec Lomami and Sipho the Gift set the stage for the artist's brash and self-confident, yet introspective commentary on the hustle. A darkly humorous snippet from Dave Chappelle's Killin' Them Softly special takes the place of a traditional hook. Though this joint isn't attached to the set, those feeling it will want to stay tuned for further details on WELL$'s Sophisticated Trap EP, due out in the first quarter of the new year.