Wes James - ATMS

  • Artist: Wes James
  • Track: ATMS
  • Producer: Mr Incredible Beatz
  • Album: Trip in Fall

Before listening to the latest song release from Wes James, I was trying to figure out what the title, "ATMS," meant. After listening, I still have absolutely no idea, and I'm even more confused than I was before. This quirky cut will likely leave you feeling a little confused, too, but one thing is certain: you will want more. Mr Incredible Beatz establishes an unorthodox vibe behind the boards, taking a reggae-esque sample, speeding it up and placing it atop an aggressive trap rhythm section. The instrumental is unique, but the real insanity comes courtesy of Wes, who delivers his weird, yet creative and amusing bars in an ever-changing, frenzied flow. His energy and creativity make this record one to remember. Like January's Caught Up, ATMS is slated to appear on James's upcoming project, Trip in Fall.