Will Hill - G.R.L.S

  • Artist: Will Hill
  • Track: GRLS
  • Producer: Thompson
  • Album: #WillHillWednesdays

Weekly series are slowly becoming a fungus in hip-hop. The kind of fungus that makes you queasy every time you look at it. After the quality of Kanye's GOOD Fridays and Krizzle's #WeekofKRIT, other artist's large quantity of music just doesn't make the same impact. Well, Atlanta-stationed rapper Will Hill believes he has the kind of music that will leave you craving more every Wednesday week after week. The latest installment in his edition, G.R.L.S, finds Will narrating a steamy rendezvous. It's pretty catchy, with a laid-back, minimalistic backdrop by Thomas; G.R.L.S will come in handy during the after-hours to set the pre-mood, before switching to the Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross Spotify playlist. Lets see how long Will can keep the #WillHillWednesdays going strong.