William Bolton - Summer Breeze

  • Artist: William Bolton
  • Track: Summer Breeze
  • Producer: Times New Roman, Danny Ives

At the bottom of August, William Bolton unleashed his official debut LP, Summer Breeze. Loyal Booth readers have undoubtedly already experienced the set but, on the off chance you've yet to listen, the freshly-released title track—featured along with brand new visuals by Adam Ardekani—should be all the convincing you need to give it a spin. As usual, Bolton handles production under the pseudonym Times New Roman. Over his appropriately laid-back, hip hop-informed beat, created with help from Danny Ives, the artist waxes poetic about his and his girl's favorite warm-weather pastimes: “Chillin' all day, smokin' all night, sittin' on the lawn like the Fourth of July.” Feeling it? Then what are you waiting for—click here to cop the full project free of charge in the Booth.