will.i.am - Heartbreaker

  • Artist: will.i.am
  • Track: Heartbreaker
  • Producer: will.i.am
  • Album: Songs About Girls

When will.i.am released his first single, I Got It From My Mama, you may remember my bold prediction of worldwide diamond sales and three or four chart hits from Songs About Girls. In retrospect, the diamond sales prediction was a bit of a stretch, but the hits prediction is still within reach (one down and three to go). Apparently, Will must have forgotten his line from One More Chance where he explained "you need a good n*gga to stickwitchu," because on Heartbreaker a girl catches him creeping and Will simply says "Ima heartbreaker." Fortunately, Will knows how to take lemons and make lemonade; his beat is fun and easy to dance to in the club. Look for Heartbreaker to improve Songs About Girls' disappointing Soundscan numbers.