Willie The Kid - Let the Money Stay

  • Artist: Willie The Kid
  • Track: Let the Money Stay
  • Producer: Alchemist
  • Album: Masterpiece Theatre EP

Much as Willie The Kid enjoys the company of beautiful women, he needs the occasional stretch of alone time to recharge. Even during his most solitary moments, however, there are certain companions who are always welcome by his side: namely Benjamin Franklin, Ulysses S. Grant and Andrew Jackson. On his latest EP single, released along with luxurious visuals by Tekh Togo and Ashley Trieu, the Michigan repper reflects on the ephemeral nature of love as compared to cold, hard cash: “All the h*es show up and leave; Let the Money Stay.” His reflective bars come backed by the lush, soul-sampled production of project collaborator The Alchemist. Feeling it? More bangers await on Willie and Alc's Masterpiece Theater EP, available now for digital purchase.