Willy J Peso - 401 E to Toronto

  • Artist: Willy J Peso
  • Track: 401 E to Toronto
  • Producer: DrewsThatDude
  • Album: Sativa EP

Update: The Nick (MVP) Margetic-directed visuals for Willy J Peso's 401 E to Toronto single have been added as part of a DJBooth world premiere.

A magical place where health care is free, 19-year-olds can drink and “aboot” isn't just something that goes on a foot, Canada may sound like paradise to those who reside south of the border. Detroit rhymesayer Willy J. Peso, however, has seen America's upstairs neighbor with his own eyes and, on new single 401 E to Toronto (his Booth debut) he assures listeners that it's everything it's cracked up to be and more. Grammy-nominated producer DrewsThatDude flips a dreamy, vocal-laced sample as Willy rhapsodizes about T-Dot's charms and pays tribute to his fans—especially the female ones—who reside there. This record isn't attached to a larger project, but we'll keep you posted on this promising newcomer as we learn more about his plans.