Witty Rock ft. Junior - Social Retard

  • Artist: Witty Rock
  • Track: Social Retard
  • Producer: Ralph French
  • Album: Morning Breath EP

Let's be real: if you find it easy to relate to others, you're probably not going to spend long, lonely hours perfecting the art of expressing yourself in rhyme. Whereas most emcees seem determined to maintain the myth that they're as charismatic in real life as they come off in their verses, Booth newcomer Witty Rock freely admits to being (in his own words) a Social Retard. The follow-up to February's Culture, this new single sees Witty adopting a more off-kilter, slurred delivery (shades of Chance the Rapper) as he spits about his misfit status with a mixture of pride and self-deprecation. Junior, a fellow member of the 9BM, jumps on Ralph French's woozy guitar-loop beat to deliver a gruff middle verse. Sure to strike a chord with anyone who's ever felt like they didn't quite fit in (so, just about all of us), this joint is slated to appear on Witty's Morning Breath EP, dropping digitally May 25.