WOGZ - Money

  • Artist: WOGZ
  • Track: Money
  • Producer: WOGZ
  • Album: The Wogz Show

Like many musical hopefuls, WOGZ spends much of her day worrying about Money. Whereas your typical rapper will boast about losing sleep to the hustle, though, the multi-talented Chicago repper isn't entirely happy about living life in thrall to the Almighty Dollar. Fresh off introducing herself with last week's Welcome to Neptune, she expresses her ambivalence regarding the rat race on another freshly-minted promo single: “Now it's work, work, work, that's all I f**kin' do.” In addition to providing sung and flowed vocals, the artist demonstrates her skills behind the boards by producing the record's music-box backdrop. Money is slated to appear on upcoming mixtape The Wogz Show, which is slated to drop before year's end.