Xzibit - Hurt Locker

  • Artist: Xzibit
  • Track: Hurt Locker
  • Producer: Scoop DeVille
  • Album: Untitled New Album

Apparently finished installing shark tanks into the back of mini-vans, west coast heavyweight Xzibit is once again making hip-hop, and he’s chosen one of the best movies of the year as inspiration for his comeback. Sure his new street single Hurt Locker doesn’t thematically have much to do with The Hurt Locker, a movie about soldiers in Iraq who dismantle bombs, but both the track and the flick share the same heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping, ass-kicking spirit. Over an aptly cinematic beat by Scoop Deville that incorporates hard-rock influences without going overboard (take notes Lil Wayne), Xzibit drops relentlessly heavy rhymes that take no prisoners: “I’m a man on a mission…It’s that hardcore heavy headbang you’ve been missin.” It’s a little late to earn a spot on the soundtrack, but Hurt Locker the song is more than worthy of sharing a title with The Hurt Locker the movie, and if you’ve seen the movie that’s one hell of a compliment. Xzibit’s currently untitled new album, his first since 2006, is currently set to drop sometime in 2010.

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