Yo Gotti - 11/11

  • Artist: Yo Gotti
  • Track: 11/11
  • Producer: Infamous
  • Album: The Art of Hustle

According to numerologists, unusual events occur at 11:11 more frequently than could be explained by chance—and I imagine extraordinary sh*t is especially apt to happen at 11:11 on 11/11. Yo Gotti confirmed my little theory earlier this morning when he unleashed his latest single at that very time. What are the odds? (Actually, don't answer that.) The follow-up to last week's I Feel Like, this understated street banger finds the Memphis repper exploring the number 11's significance to his own life in characteristically gruff, hard-nosed verses. Infamous mans the boards, turning in a whip-ready instrumental centered around a tense bell loop. The Art of Hustle is currently unscheduled, but we'll keep you posted on the project as further details emerge.